Precision Machining

Precision MachiningLaser Fabrication & Machine offers both conventional and advanced CNC milling services. Our skilled machinists produce a broad range of parts from the exotic and complex, to simple, quick-run pieces. We specialize in manufacturing small and medium run batches but are capable of producing at almost any scale. Laser Fabrication and Machine offers both build to print and build to specification manufacturing services. We are committed to producing parts that meet your requirements.

Our machine shop is equipped with two Haas CNC vertical milling centers – VF-7/50 and VF-6/50 – both capable of a variety of milling functions and each outfitted with a 30+1 side-mount tool changer. Laser Fabrication & Machine also has two CNC lathes, an Okuma with a 12-tool turret and a 2-7/8” bore Space Saver 2000 bar feed and a Haas which has a 12-tool turret and 3” bar capacity.

Precision Forming Services

Laser Fabrication & Machine has extensive metal forming capabilities using our press brake equipment. Our facilities are equipped with five CNC press brakes which range from a small 40-inch model up to a 13-foot brake with a press capacity of 35 to 300 metric tons.

Our press brake equipment includes a Toyokoki HYB-85, with a 93.5 ton press capacity and a 95.5” table, a Diamond BB 4013, 40 ton x 4' Electric Press Brake with a 49.6” table, a Diamond BH “Dual Drive” BH 1353, 149 ton with a 10' bending table Press Brake, and a 330 ton Diamond Elite 30040 brake press with a 159 inch bending capacity.

Precision Forming

CNC Rolling Capabilities

CNC Rolling 1Laser Fabrication & Machine has extensive plate and profile bending capabilities. Our facilities are equipped with an IMCAR 3RHT Hydraulic Plate Roll which allows us to pre-bend both ends of the plate like a four roll machine but offer additional advantages and features. Both side (lateral) rolls move horizontally and independently from one another with variable pitch, while the top roll also moves up/down vertically. This geometry employs the best features of 4 roll double pinch, Initial pinch and pyramid geometries. The top rolls interchange to increase plate range of plate bending and produce optimal cone rolling results.

CNC Rolling 2Our facilities are equipped with an Eagle Full CNC section profile bending roller. The Eagle BA Series Roll Benders produce parts in one pass using the hydraulic powered lower bending roll which moves upward toward the top roll to create the desired radius. This Initial Pinch design maintains in-feed material stock parallel to the shop floor for reduced material handling and enhanced safety.



Introducing a new design in Wheelchair Accessibility Ramp integration. Our system offers a complete, self-contained “drop-in” style plug and play design. One-touch, simple, quick safe and smooth operation without bus driver intervention. Hydraulic actuator rated for one million cycles. Installation at front or rear doors. Contact us today for more information.


Laser Fabrication and Machine offers full service engineering, prototyping, machining, fabrication and manufacturing services. Utilizing state of the art equipment and fabrication techniques, our highly-skilled staff can provide cost-effective solutions for your fabrication and manufacturing needs. Click here to view some of the equipment that sets us apart from the rest.