Cutting Capabilities

Laser Cutting

Laser CuttingOur 4000-Watt lasers can quickly and accurately cut almost any type of material with a smooth, dross-free edge that requires little or no clean up. C02 laser-cutting technology has become the most cost-effective cutting method for many applications. For both short and long runs, lasers provide many real advantages. We use Mitsubishi Laser Cutters with a positioning tolerance of .00039 and repeatability of .00020. Our Laser Cutters are equipped with 5' x 10' and 6' x 12' tables which can accommodate large assemblies or produce multiple assemblies from a single sheet of raw material. With three fully operational laser cutters, we offer quick turn-a-rounds while ensuring the highest quality parts for our customers.

Waterjet Cutting

WaterJet CuttingWaterjet Cutting Technology is a computerized cold-cutting technology that can cut most materials into any two-dimensional shape. Our system will precision cut materials such as carbon steel, stainless steel, aluminum, titanium, stone, glass and plastic up to six inches thick at a tolerance of plus or minus .005 or better. We can create parts, signs, art pieces, architectural applications; in fact, anything that can be drawn on a computer can be cut using our waterjet cutting system on the 6' x 12' table.

Plasma Cutting

Our 150-watt Komatsu plasma cutter has a 5’x10’ table and is capable of cutting up to 1” thick carbon steel with minimal taper.Plasma Cutting



Introducing a new design in Wheelchair Accessibility Ramp integration. Our system offers a complete, self-contained “drop-in” style plug and play design. One-touch, simple, quick safe and smooth operation without bus driver intervention. Hydraulic actuator rated for one million cycles. Installation at front or rear doors. Contact us today for more information.


Laser Fabrication and Machine offers full service engineering, prototyping, machining, fabrication and manufacturing services. Utilizing state of the art equipment and fabrication techniques, our highly-skilled staff can provide cost-effective solutions for your fabrication and manufacturing needs. Click here to view some of the equipment that sets us apart from the rest.